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Herevana – North End – Bines That Bind Us

I purchased a mix case of North End beers, something from all parts of the spectrum, Sours, Saison, Pales to Stouts. They’re not big on hazy beers though.

North End Brewing Co make the North End Bines That Bind Us is in the style that is a Saison / Farmhouse / Grisette  with an ABV of  6.0% This 440ml can has 2.1 Standard drinks in NZ

North End Brewing are based at Waikanae Beach Wellington 🇳🇿 New Zealand.

I purchased a box of beer from the lovely people at BeerHug in NZ They have really good service and they’re nice people, making single brewer offerings on a regular basis. I couldn’t go past this one from North End.

I’ve started this selection on a favoured style, a Saison. I checked my history on the App, and I’ve had around 23 of the 100 beers that have been brewed by this brewer. They’re good on the Saison/Sour and handy on the Belgian ones too.

That’s quite lively in the can, which has a 100% no room to spare fill of beer.

There’s a lovely and original aroma wafting around, the familiar Saison earthiness with a little bit of grassy thrown in. It’s a lovely start.

It has an immensely pleasing pour of a bright orange beer with lots of cloudiness and a lovely tall white fully head. It is pretty pretty beer.

That aroma stays in the glass.

Oi! That is an amazing fist mouthful of a beer. It is light, delicate, and familiar, and comes with an added and brilliant bonus that it has a real lift and punch of hops. It is truely amazing.

It has all those earthy Saison things that you’d expect as well they’re carrying their weight in this, it is what’s happening in the middle is where the magic is happening. What a trick this is.

The Pdubyah-o-meter rates this as 9 on the arbitrary number scale. It is unusual to be able to elevate what you might think is a simple style, but somehow this is that, elevated and amazing.

Music . Kira Skov has an album called Spirit Tree on the Spotify player. It is an interesting collaboration album.

Herevana beers are those I drink at home, I’m not at some beer festival, like, for instance, Beervana, but am just in my kitchen, usually, dining room table, sometimes, or outside, occasionally, where I can take an average picture and write in real time about the beer that I’ve invested in, both in a monetary and emotional way.

Philip himself.

Bines that Bind Us our Hoppy Saison showcases the delicious Riwaka hops grown by the Eggers family in Upper Moutere.

Brewers Notes

Saison / Farmhouse / Grisette

The “Saison”, or “Farmhouse Ale”, is a pale golden to amber colored, refreshing, highly-attenuated, moderately-bitter, moderate-strength Belgian ale with a very dry finish. Typically highly carbonated, and using non-barley cereal grains and optional spices for complexity, as complements the expressive yeast character that is fruity, spicy, and not overly phenolic. Less common variations include both lower-alcohol (often known as Grisette) and higher-alcohol products (Imperial Saison). Like a more highly-attenuated, hoppy, and bitter Belgian Blonde Ale with a stronger yeast character. Imperial Saison are similar to a Belgian Tripel, but often with more of a grainy, rustic quality and sometimes with a spicier yeast character. Stronger Saisons also often will have more malt flavor, richness, and body simply due to their higher gravity. The “Grisette”, also known as the Belgian-style “Session Saison” or “Table Saison” is also included in this style.


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