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Herevana – North End – Super Alpha

I purchased a box of beer from the lovely people at BeerHug in NZ  a mixed case of North End beers, something from all parts of the spectrum, Sours, Saison, Pales to Stouts

North End Brewing are based at Waikanae Beach Wellington 🇳🇿  New Zealand.

North End Super Alpha is a Pale Ale – Australian / New Zealand of 5.0% ABV, and 20 IBU things. This is 1.3 standard drinks in NZ

I should mention that there is a lot of work gone into the can art, lot of fine detail and amusement to be had there.

A bright aroma when you crack that can, they’re very full and cause all sorts of splash back. It is a thing.

Pale is a way to describe it, golden pale, almost lager pale, and a head that came and went like the wind.

The aroma in the glass is lovely, but nothing stands out.

The taste is quite flat across the tastes, there’s no rush of flavour no peak or dip and no rush at a finish, it starts as it finishes.

And I’m good with that, there is quite enough in this to enjoy but I don’t think that there is quite enough to be engaged with and make it, for me memorable or stand out. It isn’t bad beer, it might just not be my kind of beer.

I get from the notes that this is a refresher and cleanser of a beer, it might just also be that I’m looking for something more, perhaps I should go and mow the lawn and have this after that, except that I’m not doing that.

I’ve got another, which I’m going to enjoy without having to think about word about how I’m enjoying it, and I’ll probably love it more. Of course.

The Pdubyah-o-meter rates this as a 7 on the arbitrary number scale. It’s ok beer, it’s possibly not beer I’d go out to find, but I’d enjoy it if I was given one, and would try it on tap if I saw it in a pub. Not every beer rocks your boat.

Music: Heartless Bastards – A Beautiful Life

Herevana beers are those I drink at home, I’m not at some beer festival, like, for instance, Beervana, but am just in my kitchen, usually, dining room table, sometimes, or outside, occasionally, where I can take an average picture and write in real time about the beer that I’ve invested in, both in a monetary and emotional way.

Philip himself.

Super Alpha is a hoppy refreshing pacific pale ale that uses the crisp tartness of wheat malt and a blast of fruity New Zealand hops to create a crisp refreshing beer. Initially designed by Head Brewer Kieran Haslett-Moore to wash the taste of sea water from his mouth after hauling in his crab pot,Super Alpha takes it’s name from an unusual variety of New Zealand hop that gives the beer its trademark lemon grass character. The ultimate end to a summer’s day. Summer fermented and served in a can or keg.

Brewers Notes

Pale Ale – Australian / New Zealand

The Australian Pale Ale and the New Zealand (NZ) Pale Ale are a golden to light amber colored, refreshing and average-strength hop-forward ales, yet with sufficient supporting malt to make it generally more balanced than IPAs. The clean hop presence reflects modern Australian or New Zealand hop varieties with usually features such as tropical fruit, mango, passionfruit or stone-fruit. These Pale Ales will generally be very reminiscent of American Pale Ales with specific hop varieties. Less bitterness in the balance and alcohol strength than an American IPA. More balanced and drinkable, and less intensely hop-focused and bitter than Session IPAs. The term Pacific Pale Ale is also accepted, to serve a function of describing Pale Ales featuring mainly hops from Australia and New Zealand, often mixed with American varieties.


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