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Herevana – Weihenstephaner – Festbier 

Weihenstephaner Festbier  – I mean if you’re having a fest have at least two beers.

Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan make the Weihenstephaner Festbier in  Freising, Bavaria, 🇩🇪 Germany and it is a Märzen / Oktoberfest Bier  in style with 5.8% ABV and  26 IBU. The 500ml bottle is 2.3 standard drink units in NZ

So, I’m more prepared this beer, and a lager look is what I’m expecting.

This one has a more bready note on opening.

The pour is golden yellow with the XXL head that really made me smile. It it so bright white too.

I found it hard to discern an aroma from this in the glass. it might be there, I just can’t find it. Of course it is there.

Slightly sharper with a background insistent sweetness is what I think about this. It does however seem very neutral and ‘safe’.

I think I’d like to be challenged a bit more by some quirk or finesse, some prowling malt trick or something.

Quaffing beer that is an aide to conversation but not about the beer.

The Pdubyah-o-meter rates this as a 7 on the arbitrary number scale. Necking beer. But it’s not quite that, I personally wold like a bit more personality or nuance or finesse about a beer, this just seems to be about safe and middle and everyman. It isn’t bad, it just is what it is.

Music: A lovely bit of music from Joy Crookes – Skin

Herevana beers are those I drink at home, I’m not at some beer festival, like, for instance, Beervana, but am just in my kitchen, usually, dining room table, sometimes, or outside, occasionally, where I can take an average picture and write in real time about the beer that I’ve invested in, both in a monetary and emotional way.

Philip himself.

A full rich bodied, hoppy, seasonal lager. Especially brewed for the Festbier season. This beer truly represents the Bavarian way of celebrating. Deep gold color, great mouthfeel and lots of flavor. Prost! 

Brewers Notes

Märzen / Oktoberfest Bier

The Märzen is an amber-orange to deep reddish-copper colored malty German amber lager with a clean, rich, toasty and bready malt flavor, restrained bitterness, and a dry finish. The overall malt impression is soft, elegant, and complex, with a rich aftertaste that is never cloying or heavy. Most American versions of Oktoberfest Bier are generally based on this style, and most will recognize this beer as Oktoberfest. Not as strong and rich as a Dunkles Bock. More malt depth and richness than an Oktoberfest bier, with a heavier body and slightly less hops. Less hoppy and equally malty as a Czech Amber Lager. The traditional Oktoberfest Bier, often simply called Festier, is yellow to deep gold color, less intense and less richly toasted than a Märzen but with a richer body than a Helles, with more hop flavor and higher alcohol. Less rich in malt intensity than a Maibock. The malt complexity is similar to a Czech Pilsener, although without the associated hops.


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