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Herevana – Emporium – Imperial Apfelstrudel 

Imperial Apfelstrudel – A beer I’m quite excited about – kviek, Coffee, Apple Strudel. What’s not to like about this

Emporium Brewing are based in Kaikoura, Canterbury, 🇳🇿 and the Imperial Apfelstrudel is a 9.2% ABV Pastry Stout in a 375ml Bottle – which is 2.72 standard drink units in NZ

Same old wonky glass, I did wash it, I’m not double dipping.

That is heavenly aroma, it truely is an Apple Strudel. cinnamon, apple, raisin, spices.

Outrageously lovely beer in an outrageously crooked glass

a luscious pour of a beer that is brown with the light through and settles much darker black with a lovely creamy head that just could not up. A smile beams. MrsPhil approved!

Crikey there is so much going on I want to get up and have a little dance. I get raisins, I get cinnamon, I get a milkiness, I get the happiest feeling.

There is a bitter sourness in this though, you’d expect that from a stout though, I might spend a moment looking for the coffee bit, and the vanilla that you might reasonably expect from Bourbon, but that then might also be the milkiness that I’m conflating with vanilla. probably.

I just know that this is a mighty concoction – but it’s not an unscalable tower it really is very approachable and really easy to ‘get’ and understand. I know this is just 375ml but a few sips in I’m rethinking that unscalable comment as this is really intense flavour loaded beer.

I think that this is possibly a beer that I should have shared, that barrage assault of flavours is relentless, you don’t get used to them, they don’t lessen, they just are a constant.

The Pdubyah-o-Meter rates this as a 9 on the arbitrary number scale. A giant of a beer with so many flavour points hitting their intended mark, this really is a liquid rum and raisin, or an apple Strudel, it smells amazing, pours really nice and assaults you at eery sip with a barrage of flavours. But is it large, and it a challenge, and I should have shared it.

Music: IDLES with an album called “Crawler”. if you’re into some Punk rockpost-punkhardcore punkindie rockpost-hardcore this isn’t bad.

Herevana beers are those I drink at home, I’m not at some beer festival, like, for instance, Beervana, but am just in my kitchen, usually, dining room table, sometimes, or outside, occasionally, where I can take an average picture and write in real time about the beer that I’ve invested in, both in a monetary and emotional way.

Philip himself.

We ramped up the ABV on our house favourite Apfelstrudel. The base stout is a kviek fermented Imperial stout that had local coffee added to the boil, and was then aged in bourbon barrels for a year before we added all the fun ingredients of Apple strudel.

Brewers Notes

Stout – Flavored / Pastry

The “Flavored Stout” is a full-bodied black beer with a pronounced roasted flavor, often similar to coffee and dark chocolate with some malty complexity and some variations can be quite hoppy. The beer also contain a clear flavoring element. The balance can range from moderately bittersweet to bitter, with the more balanced versions having up to moderate malty richness and the bitter versions being quite dry. It also feature an harmonious marriage of the additive and beer, but still recognizable as a beer. The additive character should be evident but in balance with the beer. (For example: fruits, spices, herbs, vegetables, coffee, honey, chocolate, maple sirup, chilies, nuts, vanilla, liquor – BUT not including Smoked malt, barrel-aging or a Sour element resulting from the brewing process). In the case of over-the-top, highly sweet, adjunct-heavy stouts reminiscent of a liquid version of cake or pastry, the name “Dessert Stout” or “Pastry Stout” if often used.


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