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The Less of Me, December 2012 edition

13 runs for exactly 69 kilometres, I have no idea how it got the be an exact number but the OCD in me thinks this is a great success. Weight … Continue reading

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The less of me – revisited

I started with the good intention, in June, the walking, for the weight loss, the general fitness, the sense of wellbeing and accomplishment , and all the good things that … Continue reading

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Day Five of less of me

Five in a row, it helps that it’s sunny in the mornings of course, and today being a Saturday was a couple hours later. Slightly longer less pain and I’m … Continue reading

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Day 4 of less of me

Day 4 of less of me – Colder than yesterday but that’s 4 in a row. Slower though,sore shins. Can’t complain, just did though

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Day 3 of less of me

Day 3 of less of me, and it a faster mooch around the block and MrsPdubyah stays in bed citing not a morning person as an excuse. Still it’s a … Continue reading

May 31, 2012 · 1 Comment

The all new me, day 2

Consecutive walks. 6am, cold as a cold thing, but 40 solid minutes of walking. Problem is I’m now hungry in the car on the drive to work.

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