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The less of me – revisited

I started with the good intention, in June, the walking, for the weight loss, the general fitness, the sense of wellbeing and accomplishment , and all the good things that that brings.

Well I started, then I broke a toe, then life happened and that. So… some excuses later, and fast forward from June 14 to November 10, and I know you’re thinking what-the-hey, thats like 5 months, and you’d be right there.  But life indeed was happening and sometimes that intrudes on your good intentions.

Summer is here and we’re off again.

This time though I upgraded from the Nike+ Sportband to the Nike+ GPS watch. Which altogether appeals more to my sense of big brother wathching me.

And full of the enthusiasm I was faster today than the previous efforts, to be fair it is warmer, I’m wearing less clothes and I have new motivation.

Can I keep it up though. Only I can know and only I can let me down.


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