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H for Harden Up

The reason to be miffed about this is the addition of an H to spell a word originating and only for an oral language astounds me.

Not only that it’s a silent H, based on regional dialect. Go Figure who came up with that. Academia.

Seriously most if not all the press and the rabid minority who have foisted this upon us are taking great glee that it’s one in the eye for Micheal Laws. It isn’t it’s more than that.

Running roughshod over what the local locals want by a group of unelected, unrepresentative people is shoddy in any definition of democracy. Isn’t it.

But, and of course there is always a but, whole countries have changed their names, Burma for instance. And Whole cities have changed name. Bombay for instance.

Not that much of a deal really if everyone wants it. In this case though the academics want it, and its somewhat based on something that happened in 1991 where they changed the name of the river to include the H, the popular thinking now is the town name must therefore be wrong.

Funny that.

But it begs to be asked why so much glee and why we have to suffer the terrorism of the minority in the 21st Century. This isn’t about growing up this is about spitting on the majority under the guide of racism.

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