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Customer Service

The Mantra for my staff, for my company, is “Legendary Customer Service”. That’s our mission. Not our 5 year mission, the whole mission, not going where people have never been, just doing the right thing first time every time. Legends.

So I have two things

  1. It’s annoying to find shop oiks who don’t seem to care. Granted usually minimal wage earners but don’t congregate at the back of the shopping gabbing on when you can be serving someone and making someone else happy.
  2. When you get good customer service it’s often a surprise and
    2(a) It’s not usually as good as I believe that my team delivers

Now I may be biased, and they may be rubbish at it. But I believe “Legendary Customer Service” Exists.

Recently I had to buy a spare part for a fridge. The Door shelf thingy that holds jars. Being as how I can I bent down wrote the model number of the fridge down and hopped on the good old interweb to F&P

Naturally the bit I wanted wasn’t describes, but then I didn’t expect it to be really, but there was a handy “email me” option which I sent off.

The reply came, asked be a question, I replied, it came back giving me the part #, price and where I could go collect it, or If I wanted to have it shipped how to place an order.

I went to the factory to pick it up. Seemed like a great way to spend some time at lunch. I knew what I wanted bish bosh bash done!

When I get to the Customer Service desk however it was occupied by an oaf. A lummox with scraggly hair, cascading down from under his leather hat. Beard that looked like it had mice in it. Ginger too! Trousers that could not have been hitched higher if he tried.

“I want the bit that goes in the freezer for the shelf” he said “This is the model number, BUT I want it for the “elegance” model instead”
“What’s that model number?” said little old small lady behind the counter

“well it’s this model BUT for the Elegance model instead” said oafy man
“What’s that model number?” said little old small lady behind the counter

“well it’s this model BUT for the Elegance model instead” said oafy man

It could have gone on. She hefted ring-binders onto the counter turning pages and pointing to line diagrams of freezers “is it this bit?”
“well it’s this model BUT for the Elegance model instead” said oafy man

Eventually she had to go get yet another book. Oafy turn around looks at me and the other chap patiently waiting and says “can you believe the poor customer service you get?”

I looked at him like you do, with that puzzled look, he turned away muttering.
The helpful lady turned back up with some more books which they proceeded to look through with much the same conversation.

For me? Someone from the back room came up to help at the counter, luck or re-enforcements? Who knows. I asked for the bits I needed by part number, she toddled off, and within 5 minutes done!

I wonder if the oaf and the very helpful staff member are still going at it.

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