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Keeping up with the kids

It’s a bit like living your live vicariously, but there is an awful amount of herding and shepherding going on at the moment with the daughter.

You’ll know, or you will now, that she likes field hockey. A lot.

We got through the summer league thing ok, that’s where she organised a team herself of her girl-friends and some boy’s. They by all accounts finished 3rd, who knows

A short break later and back at school then and now we have

Club Trials
School Team Trials
Under 18 Representative Level Trials
Hockey High Performance Academy
and of course the associated training for each of these

And although they are all only a couple of km’s from home the car can almost get there and back on it’s own.

But being proud and all that the way it’s working out is

Club level – Premier Team – playing now in the Intercity Trophy games , a kind of pre-season thing. ECB are the defending champions. Briar is the youngest in the team, but by no means the least capable.

School Team – Well she is hoping for the A team , who knows with school

Under 18 North Harbour Representative – Of course GirlChild wants to be in the A team – however the coach is an arse. His assitant is fantastic. Coach still an arse. I don’t know there will be a problem if she only makes the B team. She is after all only 15.

And all of that means fund-raising, fees, travel and sitting about in various locations watching and clapping politely for the rest of the year.


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