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It’s a Dog’s name

Let me start by saying NO! we’re not getting a dog. Of any kind. Or perhaps yes one of those one that sits on the shelf in the back of the car and nods. But not a real one.

So someone suggested that I should get a Beagle. So I shared this in the cube farm.

Sending pictures to my wife, sending her links on where to buy one – bad form!

I get home and she’s written a list of names


just the three I can remember, and if I had a choice, not that there will be a choice, I would go with Gordon.

BUT that’s the name of the brother of a fellow cube farmist. Bad form.

BUT you can’t have one beagle, you have to have two, they like companionship and get lonely.
BUT they are baying dogs
BUT they are notoriously single minded and hard to train – they get a sniff and they are off. Well they are sniffing baying dogs.

And they dig holes

And I don’t want to spend thousands on a fence to keep the critters in.

But two names – think of that
Starsky and Hutch
Mills and Boon
Benny and Joon
Pak N Save
Horse and Trap

So there you have it, the dog I never had.


One comment on “It’s a Dog’s name

  1. pbubyah
    April 6, 2010

    >We saw a pair od Beagles in the shoppe. Pedegree things they were, NZ$900 each.Didn't buy them but did come up with new names just in caseBadaBing and BadaBoomOh and bitsa crossbreads were $1250ish mental money for a mongrel


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