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Truthing on Twitter

One of my followers is also my boss. This is problematic of course because there are days when all I want to say is how much of a doofus he is. ‘cept that he will read it and then it could go badly.

There are peeps I follow that seem to be angry all the time, and it’s like a stream of bad-tempered bursts of 140 character railing against the world, everything, men, pets, makes me annoyed because among them there are people I know, and like, in an internetty kind of way.

How important is the number of followers, what vanity is it to outwardly say that all you want really is x number of followers. We can all get those. But it must be quality rather than quantity. Do you think that your whole follower list actually reads your 140 character bursts ? What all of them ? Get on with you .

I could of course address my angst by making yet another twitter account- one which I can be anonymous in, but anonymity is not my strong thing. I’m a serial user of my own name as user-name and blogname places.

And Twitter- is it for marketing or presence ? Who are all these “experts” who actually don’t tell you anything or impart knowledge but pass the story from person to person like a parcel of truth. Am I having a pop at SM experts now? I guess I am.

Which leads me to the other bit. Of course I look after an account that is our corporate presence. ‘cept my boss thinks that he needs to follows x number of social media experts on our follow list, wherein I go and unfollow most of them as not appropriate. I’ve got away with it so far.

Social media then, tricky on the field as well as off it. I’ll get he hang of it one day.

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