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The 12 ways of Christmas – Secret Santa

It’s that time again, we spend 10 months hoping it gets here, one month preparing and then the whole of December questioning the sense of it all. I’m going to … Continue reading

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Industry, Profession, Job?

in part as response to nonsense like this “Twitter is one that can be difficult to understand the benefit of sometimes – for the recruitment industry simply rolling out job … Continue reading

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Christmas Cheer

In corporate world this becomes a couple of things The customer party – where we open our cheque book, book a venue and ply the punters with drinking and nibbles … Continue reading

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Truthing on Twitter

One of my followers is also my boss. This is problematic of course because there are days when all I want to say is how much of a doofus he … Continue reading

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More than my jobsworth

I’ve always been a fan of encouraging people to know as much about their particular job as possible. Firstly to get them to understand what they are doing, and what … Continue reading

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When you spend as much time as I do looking at performance based statistics it throws up some interesting things. Most importantly it shows up that you need to be nimble … Continue reading

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The importance of self-importance

” Hey I know my rights!” which is what someone who generally doesn’t says when they are clearly wrong. Just an observation and generalization. But we’re shuffling desks at work, … Continue reading

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Customer Service

The Mantra for my staff, for my company, is “Legendary Customer Service”. That’s our mission. Not our 5 year mission, the whole mission, not going where people have never been, … Continue reading

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Twitter in the workplace Pt4

The one where we get Blogged down I am kidding the only thing we’re stuck with is motion towards, that is finding a blogging service that will ultimately suit our … Continue reading

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