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Food pretention

There is a new FARO store near me, it’s an up-market deli place, lots of imported stuff – not the usual imported stuff this is from exotic places and all packaged nicely.

It’s ideal if you want something specific for a meal, or something that you’d not see in your local super-market – which lets face it can offer some spectacularly good things. My local Foottown for instance has things like Ostrich and Crokogator steaks. So for some spices and herbs, particular oils and essential ingredients this is a good bet.

However – the parking on the weekend is non-existent – use the park and ride next door and gasp walk.

And inside is full of food twats. “Daaaarling look!!! Pomegranets” , and to the girl at the cheese-counter “is that from southern france” and “Daaaaarling gluten free wraps!!”, and “Daaaaarling ‘authentic’ bread’

I did notice however that they had a range of flavoured ciders like honey and ginger – who knows what kind of party that would be useful at.

I think I’ll go in on a weekday next time and then I can be center of attention not Claude and Sharonda from Carribean Drive.

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