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Weighing it up or the 30 days of less of me

Weight creeps up on you. Well it crept up on me that’s for sure.

I think I know why though, It’s the weekend. It’s the drinking and snacking. It’s the chocolate treat. It’s the Ice-cream with the strawberries. It’s the bag of chips that you had to have – the ones with the exotic flavour – or perhaps just the cheese and onion ones.

Mostly it’s the late night eating – and then to bed. And then the slow day the next day.

It’s a lack of will power and immediacy.

So I’m going to give body for November a crack – this is like body for Tuesday but for the month. And you never know I might like it.

I’m embarrassed by my rotundness and am only prepared to admit to loss of weight, not the start weight. But lets say it “only” crept upto 3 digits and scares me, I’m more a double-digit kind of guy.

Updates infrequently. – hey this could be like the 30 days of me thing-


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