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I Made good my bet

I had, on reflection, a rather daft bet with Ms16 (then 15) about her ability to score a goal in hockey. As a “back” I was confident that I’d manage to win that.

The payback? Well foolishly “score and you get a car” – since at the time she wanted to learn to drive, and well it seemed a safe bet that I couldn’t lose. Her team of much senior players, some black-sticks, and some very good quality players, meant that there was no chance, no chance in hell, of her being in a position to score.

Until the tail end of the season and coach, for no reason that I can fathom decides to put her on as a forward. Might have been teenage legs and run for everything.

So she scores, her first senior goal, and I’m not kidding that at least 20 people turn to me and say “ooh that’s just cost you” Seems like a lot of people were in on the bet!

Not the coach though she was as happy and surprised as anyone.

So I got some reward for the weeks of watching – seeing Ms score a senior goal,  she got the car.

The car being the lost and found one, which we pick up on the weekend. It’s a nanna mobile and is ideal.

oh and for the record Ms scored the following week for her School team. good things come in pairs


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