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It’s that time, actually it’s past that time, when as a father you have to face up to the fact that your daughter is in fact sexually mature.

Not that I think she is active. Blind Faith

But I think we’re on safe ground to assume not. Anyways, it’s that kind of thinking that gets you to thinking that hey she’s confident, pretty and outgoing. It’s summer, and with it are beaches, sun-tans and hanging around the beach. Standard summer fayre.

But it’s easier to blog about the conversation I had with Mrs. Pdubyah than the conversation actually was.

It was Mrs.P that mentioned she thought Ms16 was turning out to be fairly pretty, and after I agreed for the reasons I mentioned above there was an uncomfortable silence.

“So” I ventured “You’ve spoken to her about contraception then”

uncomfortable silence

“They do that sort of thing in school” was the mumbled reply

So clearly it’s not a comfortable subject and one which we need to address at some point in the next couple of days, since I’ve clearly made good my bet which allows a greater measure of freedom and self-determination. Not that for one minute that I’m worried or concerned or one of ‘those’ parents that molly coddle, cosset and protect their children.

Sex is after all sex. Unwanted babies are however generally unwanted.


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