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Ms16 has finished school for the yet, and is merrily hanging out like a “gangsta” – her words not mine.

Then she drops onto us that she’s going to a party, on a Tuesday. “It’s alcohol free’ and not a lot of people will be going.

Firstly “alcohol free” was a bit worrying that this caveat had to be put on the event, although I do recall as a 16 year old going to party with a bottle of Bacardi – but that’s another story altogether.

But wait, there’s more. “Can I have a couple of my friends around before we go for a couple of ‘drinks'”?

What to do?

We gave in, said yes, but her friends had to bring their own drink, I don’t want to become the “easy” parent.

And we fed them. And made sure they weren’t driving.

As a side note, MS16 is about 5’ 6″ – or thereabouts give or take – and I think she’s tall. Her friend must have been 6 foot, but not gangly and ungainly. It’s fair to say that tall women somehow intimidate me – but that’s my phobia not yours.

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