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Getting Carried Away aways

But only with my idea that I’d write an entry a day, perhaps that can wait for the new year when I may just give it a crack.

The end of the year always brings some new hopes and some dashed ones. I’m really not looking forward to having to be nice for so long with people I’d rather not be with, but you can’t pick family can you ?

I worked out how much I might get paid, and then I realised that I don’t understand that either anymore. The carrot does not look so big in nibble sized bits.

So next year then, or more this year when I indulge my good intentions.

Perhaps as well as something daily or an honest attempt at I should go for

  1. An audience, be proud of this, we can all be popular if the daily newspapers indulge people
  2. Content, we can all be popular if we bag stuff right?
  3. Get a high horse subject- become a radical!

Or just write it as I see it, the Interweb is full of memes

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