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Keeping it a secret

I realised something. The twitter me, and this the ranting rambling no-mates blog me, aren’t that comfortable that my real live friends could read it.

It’s bad enough having a boss that’s on twitter, and workmates on FaceBook.

What do I have to hide? Well I’m not sure, perhaps the real me, the insecure me? Or perhaps the frivolous me, the unfunny me, the me that is just me to me.

I can’t imagine any of my colleagues reading this, I can’t imagine them reading. I can’t imagine them twittering, although a couple of them do have accounts, they are passive observers.

I’m down with that. There is far to much ‘me’ in the twitterverse and a lot of me in here. I’ve bagged a few people cryptically and openly on both.

Am I afraid that I’d end with no mates? I’m not that sure I have more than a handful anyway.

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