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The Simple Life

We have a simple house. We don’t have clutter, we have few trinkets and nick nacks. What we tend to have is less things that are slightly more expensive. Which sounds a bit pretentions, we have things that we can afford at the time, and we shop diligently in sales and looks for opportunities. We don’t buy on whim, we find our need and then investigate the options and buy according to our wallet.

We don’t carry any credit card or HP debt.

We had a bit of an open home thing, well it was a pre-ball gathering for daughter and her friends and parents, nothing at all flash, just a couple of hours of get together before the party bus arrived.

Many of the fathers of daughters found it pleasing that I had “all the gadgets “and daughter has had her friends tell her she is rich! as if.

The ‘gadgets’ then are; A 50” panel TV, a Cannon EOS SLR, and an iPad. There is a Tivoli Radio in the kitchen and an iPod Dock.

Like i said simple things and not exactly gadget land.

It’s nice to have a simple household, it does not mean it does not get messy, I’m sure you’d be horrified if you visited at the clutter, but I like it like that.

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