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Stunned into a mumbled mess.

I’ve been a “Manager” of people for a few years. On reflection a lot of people. Some days it’s like herding cats.  If you manage people you’ll get what I … Continue reading

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The one with the online shopping

I’m trying to convince myself that I’m not an online shopper. But truth is I’m never comfortable with the online shopping thing. Sure I’ve done it. Locally we have Trademe, … Continue reading

February 5, 2013 · 1 Comment

Grrr, Vodafone people.

Angry much ? We changed our Telecom account to a Vodafone account. Which was easy as. Fill in a form, flash your ID, and voila like magic you have your … Continue reading

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Kathmandu how I’m annoyed at you

Daughter invested in a $450 khathmandu jacket, when I say she I mean “I”. It gets a lot of use on cold mornings, between games, and in the waiting around … Continue reading

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The Simple Life

We have a simple house. We don’t have clutter, we have few trinkets and nick nacks. What we tend to have is less things that are slightly more expensive. Which … Continue reading

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Customer Service

The Mantra for my staff, for my company, is “Legendary Customer Service”. That’s our mission. Not our 5 year mission, the whole mission, not going where people have never been, … Continue reading

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