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The great banana drama

The corporate workplace has a pretty generous healthy outlook. We’re provided with breakfast cereals, jams, bread and fruit.

The fruit monitor fell into the role by meer dint that they started buying it. They got bored, as you do, disrupting the routine and confusing the #cubefarm workers.

So I ousted them as fruit patrol and had one of the #crones offer to step in and take up the cudgel.

This should have had the effect of quelling the unrest from the masses, in a generous workplace the things that get noticed the most are the cheap things, and so the banana drama unfolds.

So week 1 shopping, the #crone, who clearly lives alone and has some kind of public service mentality brought 12 bananas to last a week, for a staff of 60 people. They also brought Kiwifruit, red and green apples, and pears.

The masses were not happy that the banana allowance had been slashed. The #crone was surprised since the green apples and mostly the kiwifruit had ‘lasted’ which is pretty contrary to the healthy option that we encourage.

So gently nudging them in the right directions for week 2 they brought 20 banana’s for the week.

There are plenty of green apples and kiwifruit left over from last week to be eaten and this is sadly being taken as a sign of success. Public service mentality and spinster living, what can you do.

Stand by for a week 3 update.


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