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Science Fiction. What’s not to love?

Blogging is a bit of a self discovery, I thought that i’d scratch at things I like. Or precisely a thing I like.

Science fiction. Films.

There is one film that I’d go back to, and one of the few dvd’s I own, and that’s “The Man Who Fell To Earth” Which fascinates me.

On many levels, and possibly because you always remember your first love. Not coincidentally the album “Station to station” is also amongst my “go to” albums from about the same time.

There are other films that  I would pick in buy list, and these would include some old and some newer. The Film “Outland” for instance is one that I’d revisit, but I’d shy away from “Blade Runner” for instance, not that it’s a bad film but it’s been over-cooked.

The Man from Earth” is also a wonderful film, a man who apparently has lived a long long time, he lives in history, he’s met Jesus, fought in wars, lived through the great depression etc, but he can’t predict the future, he lives in the now.

The Impostor” is also another film that’ll make you go mmm.

Philip K. Dick is responsible for many great stories that have been made to movies, you’ll know many of them if you go check him out, they include “Total Recall” “Blade Runner” “Adjustment Bureau” and “Minority Report”.

Yes of course I love the original “Star Trek”, but I also really enjoy the original “Thunderbirds” and “Joe90” as well as the most excellent TV series “UFO”.

So why? what is is about improbable premise that makes it compelling. Well some of it is not that improbable, Star Trek featured tablet based computers for instance, but equally as improbable was the sheer scale of the adventure.

There are a heap of other titles and films that I’d be happy to recommend, I might get to them one day. One final though is this; Why is it that in a film where space ships approach planets or earth or other space ships it’s always on the same plane or orientation. Space ships never approach each other upside down to each other, or at 90 degrees to each other, and I’ve never quote figured out why.

Oh and finally, a bit more, the series, and film “FireFly” had the most accurate space thing going on, there is no sound in space you can’t hear explosions and engine noises, and they are accurate in depicting that (oh FireFly is cowboys and indians in space – awesome)

Oh and the final final thought on alien vusitations and completely off topic, is; Why are they visiting here? Douglas Adams had is right, they might be building a super highway, but then he was always one step ahead.

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