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Which superpower would you want most?

I’m calling bullish*t on this one. Where is the ability to see through clothes ?, C’mon you’re not telling me you never wished for that one? Ok I’ll  tone that down to be “x-ray vision” but who never wished for that?

Of all the powers of all the superheros in all the world, film fans think the most impressive is the quick healing ability of Wolverine, according to a poll”via Which superpower would you want most? | Stuff.co.nz.

The results are;
1. Accelerated healing – Wolverine, X-Men (22 percent)
2. Telepathic/psionic powers – Professor X, X-Men (21 percent)
3. Power of flight – Superman, Superman (15 percent)
4. Super-strength – The Hulk, The Hulk (11 percent)
5. Invisibility – The Invisible Woman, Fantastic Four (8 percent)
6 & 7. (joint). Weather control – Storm, X-Men (7 percent) and Flame-on! – The Human Torch, Fantastic Four (7 percent)
8. Supersenses – Daredevil, Daredevil (4 percent)
9. Web-slinging – Spider- Man, Spider-Man (3 percent)
10. Super-speed – Dash, The Incredibles (2 percent)

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