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It’s not heroic, it’s just not.

As a watcher of much sport I’ve come to appreciate that there is a difference between commentating and pontificating. TV sports are the worst of course, since I watch more TV than listen to the radio. And the radio jocks are pretty awful, they appear to be commentating from a TV screen.

If you’re listening to a football game, be it Soccer, Union or League, you’ll invariably be left wondering what on earth is happening and where it is happening on the field. It’s a pretty poor show.

And TV commentators are often adding colour and drama, some commentators are genuinely excited by what they are commentating on, take Murray Walker for instance. But some comments are nothing more than pontificating.

And, for instance, when that golf player plays a shot, it’s not “heroic”, come to think of it no sport is “heroic”, no victory “heroic”, players aren’t sacrificing much, they may put their bodies “on the line” in pursuit of a victory, which separates them from the also-ran, and whilst a play that is spectacular can be said to be fully committed it’s not heroism.

Sure players can be brave, who’d deny that thundering head first on a skeleton racer in the ice tube isn’t close to stupid, but it’s not heroism apart from a personal heroism.

And we all have personal heroisms, we’ve all done things that make our hearts beat louder in our head, take for an example (amongst many) of bungy jumping, the most inane of “danger” sports is a personal challenge, a personal heroism, but it’s not heroic to the masses.

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