A life just as ordinary

Just like you, but different

I’d do most things

But there are a couple that I wouldn’t do.

As a youth, many ages ago, I used to wear two ear-rings in one ear, which for the time was pretty radical! I imagine. I used to have ‘streaks’ dyed into my hair, variously gold, red, green. I used to wear ‘punk’ type clothes.

But you know I’ve never wanted a tattoo. Ever. Not that they aren’t worthwhile but they are when all is said and done pretty pointless. Very.

As works of art yes. As statements, no.

There are grades of pointless. Small tattoos in Kanji or Cyrillic in the small of your back, very very pointless. Tattoo the name of someone in same or worse in ye olde Englishe script on your forearm – über pointless.

Tattoo’s where you can’t see them, pointless. Tattoo on your face or neck where people can see them – stunningly pointless. Unless it’s a cultural thing like a Moko then it’s very cool.

Fair play if you like tattoo’s, to me they scream of needy kid, very needy kid, with a hole in their life that needs filling. If you’re so bereft of self then tattoos are for you.

And in response to the dozens of hits I get looking for a “mary tattoo” it could be these you seek, although for the life of me I have no idea why you would.

One comment on “I’d do most things

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