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Murder Most Foul #2 in a series

I could add Scott Watson, and  David Tamihere, as cases that raise eyebrows.

Scott Watson currently serving time for the murder of Ben Hope and Olivia Smart. There appears to be so much wrong with the case, with no bodies and identification of the offending boat difficult to ascertain.  In deed there are mystery men, secret witnesses and all the associated conspiracy.

David Tamihere, convicted in 1990 of the double murder of Heidi Paakonaan and Urban Hoglan. The body of Urban was found nearly a year later, but not that of Heidi. Tamihere is currently on release as he’s terminally ill.

These are cases that test the patience of many people. I’ve no first hand knowledge of either of Watson or Tamihere, but I have enough faith to say that if they weren’t inside for this these crimes they would be for another.  However being a bad sort shouldn’t be enough of a reason to be in prison. And you’d think that with the high profile re-trial of Bain that Watson and Tamihere would at least be mounting a charge. As far as I am aware they aren’t.

Tamihere will take his secret to the grave with him, Watson will get out of prison, take up on his boat again and live out his life. Or at least we can hope. Having done time they’ve paid their price. It might not be closure to the parents and friends but it is what we call justice served.


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