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Incarceration of the adjudged guilty with the knowledge that they have any number of years waiting for sentence to be carried out seems a cruel and unusual punishment in and of itself. Leaving aside the fact that state sponsored execution is the sentence.

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Murder Most Foul #2 in a series

Or at least we can hope. Having done time they’ve paid their price. It might not be closure to the parents and friends but it is what we call justice served.

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If you could get away with committing one crime, what would you do?

in the darkness of the evening who  wouldn’t have thought alongs these lines. Perhaps it’s the bazillion dollar robbery, or perhaps it’s a murder. Most murders, not all, are committed … Continue reading

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Murder Most Foul #1 in a series

There are many murders that get your attention and pique your interest. Fortunately there aren’t that many that go unsolved. And even the solved ones can twist like a snake when you take what is mostly a superficial look at them.

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