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RWC – Predictions

I love this bit!

Ritchie McCaw to get a serious injury in the game against Tonga that puts him out of the rest of the pool games. Comes back in the Quarter Finals, and is injured again.

Ireland to roll Australia.

England will beat France in the last minute to get to the Semi finals.

New Zealand will lose the Semi to a contentious decision to sin-bin someone.

Samoa will beat South Africa.

oh I left a bigger prediction for Australia, they’re going home with a 1 win 3 loss record.

Update #1 9th Sept: Ritchie McOarsum didn’t get hurt, so that’s 0-1 so far. (and to get that joke click this link)  

Update #2 13th Sept: It was Dan Carter that has an injusry (back) but will be playing, this could be interesting.

Update #3 15th Sept: Ritchie is injured, it’s all a smokescreen.  I don’t feel good about getting this one right. 

Update #4 1st Octt: Ritchie is injured, Ireland Won and Samoa didn’t beat SA. Close but no Ken Ring


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