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Twitter really was the wild west last night if you were an England supporter.

Sure I follow a scant 500ish tweeps, but the level of barbed comment, snide comment and plain old nastiness was quite rife.

Of course you’re entitled to an opinion, but when it’s based on insecurity and displays your rabid bigotry and racism then it possibly crosses the line from humorous to hurtful.

And it’s just reserved for the English, whose crimes I can list as

  1.  Being English
  2. Not being Welsh
  3. Not being Irish
  4. Not being Scottish
  5. Daring to win the RWC
  6. Choosing a Black strip as an alternate, the same as Wales have done.
That’s pretty much it I think. I’ve never witnessed anything quite like it, normally normal people becoming complete cocks. It’s not like the English ever did anything to the New Zealand team. When it comes to rugby the New Zealand position seems to be the most English of all, arrogance in the face of facts that would indicate otherwise that the All Blacks are the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be.
Fact is that every team, everywhere, any sport, likes to beat England. That’s what you get when at one point the whole world was for the Empire, and you paid your respects to an island nation miles away.
I like New Zealand I will eventually get the point where I lived half my life here, my children will benefit from being English, and their children too. I just hope that they have better grace and manners when it comes to knowing the past and how to move to the future.

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