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Build it and they will come.

Or Not.

I’m talking about “Party Central” on the wharves in  Auckland.  A structure designed to hold 12,000 people with an invited audience of the whole city. And what happens when you get it right, a confluence of good weather, fireworks, media hysteria, and the opening of a global tournament? Well you get chaos.

And when the opening hype is passed and the finger-pointing is dying down what happens next, Well in my opinion untill the closing games, the Semi-finals and finals it’s going to remain pretty much under used, under visited and an embarrassment.

It so is.

Daily programme for Party Central

Sat 10 Sept –FAMILY WEEKEND – Carnival
Queens Wharf will come alive   for the first family-friendly weekend with a  programme of Carnival fun throughout the day. Expect colourful characters, great  live music and dance performances to entertain the entire family. (emphasis added)

Sun 11 Sept – FAMILY WEEKEND – Carnival
Mon 12 Sept – THE CLOUD & SHED 10 – Going Global Music Summit

Gosh, must leave work early for some of that.

The posturing of the Minister for RWC, the Auckland Mayor and the transport company are all for nix. They’ve overextended themselves but won’t have to pay with anything other than a public dressing down. The transport system will still be borked, they’ve even said “don’t take trains take buses” which is how confident they are after years of planning. seriously years.

So whilst we have a micro-focus on health and safety that prevents any more than 12,000 people in party central, we have no overall concept of what’s going on outside the gates, and it’s not like Auckland doesn’t have large gatherings, yearly, such as Concert in the park, and the Santa Parade.

I’m ashamed that they’ll put Auckland’s name against the debacle, when it comes down to a handful of inept bungling self-serving form a circle and give ourselves a pat on the back cronies who will end up with civic awards and accolades because we’re too stupid and lazy to bring up the unsightly mess again.

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