A life just as ordinary

Just like you, but different

The daughter has an job in mind

Except that she changes her mind with alarming frequency.

So far she has wanted to be;

  1. CSI Investigator
  2. Criminal LAwyer
  3. Baby nurse
  4. DJ
  5. Radio DJ
  6. Fitness instructor in the Army (she changed her mind on this since this now a civilian role and not a uniformed position)
  7. Ski Instructor – hey she’s been to SnoPlanet twice – total

She is fairly level-headed, and does claim to be not bright, even though she’s doing academically well at school, she really does put a lot of extra work on to make sure she’s a success.

Unlike Boychild who hated school, but  finish out with some A level qualification, and then did get a full time job in a bakery (4am to 2pm), which really didn’t rock his world. Now having done a year at university he’s again with itchy feet and doesn’t really know what to do with himself, he does maintain however that he wants to be a games designer. I’m inclined to let him go for it, because no amount of counsel will change his mind or his habits or personality.

Daughter however is going to be a challenge, and I’m sure that she will be overseas on a work experience and well be a success at something, and will achieve a lot. I hope.

It does seem that neither of them want to achieve mediocrity, and they do seem to get that a house, two cars, two kids and a cat isn’t exactly “living the dream” for the parents. I’m hoping to be a kept man in my dotage.


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