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RWC – how to watch a game

I was at Eden Park for the England V Scotland game. I was an invited guest in a corporate seat. It was an awesome seat and an awesome view.

There were 12 of us, I was the only one supporting England. Someone was going home upset.

Seems that New Zealanders have a ‘we support the All blacks and anyone playing against;

  • England
  • Australia
  • South Africa”
thing going on. Last night the number of Scottish fans was enormous, and it did look as though at one point Scotland would get one over the old foe. The English contingent had a couple of desultory goes at “Swing Low” but it was nothing compared to the old standard two syllable chant that New Zealanders are so go at, Scot-Land, Auck-Land, Alll-Black, Har-bour, Moo-Loo. Made me smile.
Anyway Scotland couldn’t keep it up, and England had a whole 15 seconds of brilliance to steal the game, and a place in the quarter finals. And at this point the humor returned to the crowd and it became good-natured and friendly, jelly and hyde from the foaming mouth ranting of the previous 78 minutes. Pleasant enough in itself but a glimpse at the card side of the way we support teams.
My predictions from earlier are a mixed bag, I picked McCaw to be injured, got that Wrong, I did pick Ireland to beat Australia. And we’ll see how the other couple of guesses work out before I call myself psychic.

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