A life just as ordinary

Just like you, but different

Death becomes you

Troy Davis. recently executed by order of the state for a murder. There have however been 36 executions, all by lethal injection in 2011 so far, 36 execution in relation to 44 murders.

Not a lot being said or mentioned about any of these people. Seems the outrage is only reserved for special occasions. I’m not belittling Troy Davis or his circumstance, I’m not saying anyone was incorrectly executed, I’m just saying that we’re pretty selective about what out outrage is reserved for.

State execution is seems is the elephant in the room.

Since 1977 there have been 1270 state sanctioned executions, of which only 12 were females. 712 Whites and 441 Blacks and 16 Native Americans.

The Total Number of Death Row Inmates as of January 1, 2011: 3,251

The Total Number of people on Death Row continues to rise

State ordered executions continue to be problematical, on many levels. Eye for an eye is all well and good, but it’s painfully obvious that time needed or being taken to get from a jury trial verdict, through statutory appeal, to further appeal and then carrying out the sentence isn’t as big a deterrent as it’s supposed to be. Incarceration of the adjudged guilty with the knowledge that they have any number of years waiting for sentence to be carried out seems a cruel and unusual punishment in and of itself. Leaving aside the fact that state sponsored execution is the sentence.

Am I a liberal on this? Is incarceration enough? Does death become the guilty? Does that help anyone? What closure is that?


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