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Before the Big Bang

We can extrapolate backwards to a time that is expressed as 0.00000000000000000000000000000000001 (.34-zeros-one) seconds of the age of the universe.

Then it gets difficult. We get to this point based on an expanding universe model, and in such a case then using cause and effect, which were are all familiar with, you get to be able to rewind to the cause.

Except at 10-34 seconds all the laws of the universe apparently don’t work, can’t work. It appears to be all effect and no cause.

The Big Bang gives us our start point, our origin, where are we from, why are we here moment, and we’re that close and yet so far away. 13.7 billion years.

But it depends on where you are “everything from nothing” is what we think when we think about the Big Bang. Perhaps we’re thinking of “nothing” in the wrong way. That is to say there is “nothing” and then there is “vacuüm”, the latter being a space with nothing in it, the former is just no space.

The vacuüm was just energy, and energy that does, and might have temporarily changed into matter, exploded, and perhaps that’s the start of a chain reaction, and thence the big bang.

The infinite space we now see is strangely uniform like everything expanded instantly at the same time, the universe looks the same, more or less, in whatever direction we look, and so the latest theory involves inflation, like a giant soap-bubble if you will.

The problematical part of all these things is that there still is no first cause. And we’re not happy with “forever” because it’s a nonsense to us.We’re not big on infinite regression, it hurts our brains.

So far then every prediction points to an inflationary model, and a bouncing model, where there is never-ending contraction and expansion.

No beginning.

It’s not very satisfactory

But in the inflation model the universe gets to a state of equilibrium, mass turns into energy as the universe cools, the universe becomes an infinite void full of energy. And energy in a vacuüm can change into matter and that can lead to a chain reaction and a filling of the vacuum….and so we go on

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