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Tattoo’s. Who knew that they arouse such passion and intensity, and debate.

http://stripstripstrip.tumblr.com/post/5619043555/who-says-we-will-all-regret-our-tattoos-when-weI know of two women who have had “experiences” with tattoo removals. One has had laser treatment to rid herself of a tattoo on her arm.

You all know how a tattoo works, the molecule of ink is too big to pass through the pores and sits in the skin forever. The treatment by laser blasts essentially blasts the ink into smaller pieces that allows it to absorb. Coloured inks requires coloured lasers. Takes ages and can be painful and can burn, dur it’s a laser.

The other story I have of tattoo removal involves a slightly weird story of a gecko tatoo and a  breast reduction. The gecko now does not have a significant part of its body. I leave it at that. It’s at the same time funny, sad and a bit humiliating.

Tattoo’s – I can’t help thinking, still, that this is a recent thing, that more younger people are inking themselves for whatever reason. I’m not sure why, and I’m not sure they are sure why either, I’m picking that they didn’t really think it through as a long-term thing.

You don’t see many older people with neck tattoo’s for instance, certainly not with tramp stamps.  I wonder what the older generation knew that the younger generation are not listening to?

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