A life just as ordinary

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Trying Teen Times – the grown up one

Eldest is suffering from boy. Being a boy. Being aimless, feckless and without any clear idea. It is a boy thing. I get that it’s a boy thing and somewhere you find your own level, your own pace, and it all comes right. Mostly, in pdubyahworld anyway.

Eldest did a year of work, and the decided that University was a better bet, and that Geography and Philosophy would be his thing. I guess he wanted to both sit an ponder on a hill, and ponder about life and hill. Who knows.

Anyway a year on and that’s not what we wanted to do at all. So we had the “chat”. He was blabbing on about this and that and came up with the trusted “I don’t have a plan”

I waved my arms around a bit, in the way that you do, and see in movies, and explained in a pained and hushed voice “Did you think that This house, the car I drive, the two children I have and the job that I’ve been in for 12 years was my plan?” I continued “That my son is not a plan it’s actually a bit of a nightmare”

He’s promised to see out university and get a real job. Although his idea of a job appears to want to be an “animator” which I hope is cartoons and not Dr.Frankenstein type stuff.


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