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Those Three Little Words…

Empty Nest Syndrome. MrsPdubyah was moping about the house yesterday ‘unfulfilled’ and generally mooching and moody, #1Son has allegedly left home and MrsPdubyah yesterday used some of my beer tokens … Continue reading

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Growing up – “It’s no use we’re losing her Captain”

Such a timid thing, I though. MissPdubyah has all the worldliness of a tea-spoon. This is the daughter who had to look up a map to see how to drive … Continue reading

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Ms17 and the driving licence

After the last effort, where 40 in a 50, and 50 in a 60 zone don’t cut it for the examiner, Ms17 had another crack at it today, in the … Continue reading

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Growing up – the one with the frustration.

I care about my children a lot, and whilst by no means the best parent I think that between me and MrsPubyah we did an okay job. Currently #1 son … Continue reading

May 14, 2012 · 1 Comment

Jolly Hockey Sticks – the College edition

Every year there is a pre-season Inter-College “tournament” at St. Cuthberts College in Remuera. It’s called the Anzac tournament and is by invitation only. As part of promotion the College hosts … Continue reading

April 5, 2012 · 2 Comments

Trying Teen Times – the grown up one – A New Car revisited.

Insert swearing word here, well insert a few. Seems that although superficially the new to you car was pretty tidy turns out it was just waiting to blow up. Firstly … Continue reading

February 12, 2012 · 1 Comment

Trying Teen Times – Part the Seventh – Getting your life back

not getting another cat, that would be a bit of a win. I’m sure we don’t want to become crazy pet people who substitute dogs or cats for kids and tie themselves with a badge of courage for doing so

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Trying Teen Times – the grown up one – Part the Sixth – A New Car

Well we found a car, a very low mileage two owner Mazda Astina 1994 – which makes it only slightly younger that the #Boychild, and so we brought it.  It comes as … Continue reading

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Trying Teen Times – the grown up one – Part the Fifth – Cars

A couple of years ago #Boychild wanted a car, and we made him save his hard-earned cash for one. It was only a ‘bomb’, and was never going to last … Continue reading

January 12, 2012 · 2 Comments

Trying Teen Times – the grown up one – Part the Fourth

but when he sits next to me with a gamestaionboy device I know he’s been more focussed on some qualification and experience in something that’ll do him no good and have no relevance in anything he wants to do in life.

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Trying Teen Times – the grown up one – Part the Third

I grit my teeth, oh I really do. Daughter will not keep here room space tidy. I get surface mess, I just don’t appreciate piles of clothes, It’s very trying. … Continue reading

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Trying Teen Times – the grown up one- Part the Second

My son has had an epiphany, his moment of realisation, that bit as a teenager when you have a stream of consciousness, the outpouring of everything that you think you’ve done … Continue reading

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Trying Teen Times – the grown up one

“That my son is not a plan it’s actually a bit of a nightmare”

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Testing Teeenager Times

There is a line between prevention and obstruction.

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Living your life vicariously – the sporting edition

And this is where it gets interesting since I’d like her to play to prove a point and to have some fun, and she is saying no

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The daughter has an job in mind

It does seem that neither of them want to achieve mediocrity, and they do seem to get that a house, two cars, two kids and a cat isn’t exactly “living the dream” for the parents. I’m hoping to be a kept man in my dotage.

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The Birds and the bees.

It’s that time, actually it’s past that time, when as a father you have to face up to the fact that your daughter is in fact sexually mature. Not that … Continue reading

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Having one of each, children that is.

Seriously I have one of each. Children that is. In many ways! Eldest is a boy, youngest therefore a girl – not rocket surgery there then Boy is a rather … Continue reading

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