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Trying Teen Times – the grown up one – Part the Fourth

It’s really difficult being a parent, especially one to a newly unemployed child. Unemployed because he quit at university, and has suddenly discovered that jobs are not like food in the pantry, always there (at least at home), but that you have to go hunt one out.

Not having a clue of course, and reluctant or willfully ignoring, advice, it’s suddenly dawned on him that he has to get his A into G and find something.

Like a bull at a gate he goes at it. Today we have the “What I.T. courses should I study?” to which I reply that I’d told him  2 years ago that he’d be advantaged by studying on and getting into something like VoIP. Today I have to tell him that it’s not like there is one qualification that’ll get him a job, it’s kind of bit specialized.

So I’ve sent him off to look at jobs he’d think he’d like to do, see what the qualification level is and go backwards from there, after all if he can find a bunch of “dream jobs” then he should  plan to work towards them knowing what the bar looks like?

Unless I’m wrong.

Today the driver is that 5 1/2 hours ago we mentioned to him that it would be a plan to keep searching for a job, and to be sending off his CV. I should be happier but when he sits next to me with a gamestaionboy device I know he’s been more focussed on some qualification and experience in something that’ll do him no good and have no relevance in anything he wants to do in life.

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