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Trying Teen Times – the grown up one – Part the Sixth – A New Car

Well we found a car, a very low mileage two owner Mazda Astina 1994 – which makes it only slightly younger that the #Boychild, and so we brought it.  It comes as standard including the steel wheels, factory stereo and an aerial that goes up and down when you put the radio on – it even has a cassette tape  player!

It’s not that we didn’t want to but as I may have mentioned it was about continued independence and freedom. I can almost hear the sighs and see the eye-rolling exasperation from some of you :- “How spoilt and unnecessary is that?” you may be thinking (about the car not the sighs and eyes).

We’re not proud, we are definitely not rich, and this puts us even further away from any goal of savings we might have. It’s not about those things, it’s about family and it’s about getting on. We’re lucky to be able to, as I’m sure many of you are not as lucky, or fortunate.

It’s insured against crashing into someone else and from being stolen, as are all the cars we variously own, and is good to go. How mad is insurance pricing though? 3rd Party, Fire and Theft $80 per Quarter, or Fully Comp at $80 per month. It’s a car not the crown jewels, he hasn’t been in an accident in three years, may that continue.

I don’t know if it’s as economical, sadly #Boychild isn’t in the least bit connected with the finer nuances of ownership of cars, such as, oh, checking the water in the washer bottle, or the fuel mileage he can expect from a litre of go-juice

I’ll feel better about him travelling to and fro in this one over the last one he had/has which really was, in the local parlance “a bomb” and is for sale to someone who might wish to buy it – really cheap.



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