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Trying Teen Times – Part the Seventh – Getting your life back

Sunday, 11am. We’re mooching about the house with no plans, nothing left undone and no children in the house. Eldest is off for the weekend, as he has been for many months now, with his girlfriend. Youngest is working at her part-time job that she has had since before christmas.

Sunday 11am. We’re mooching about the house with no plans, nothing left undone and no children in the house. We were going to go for a beachfront walk today, or the park, or both, we’re so exciting, and today it’s raining. So that’s put the lid on that one.

Sunday 11am. Second coffee of the day for the Wife. Such is the day that it’s still yesterdays newspaper that is being read.

Since out children have grown up and become very independent, particularly since they both have cars and their own circles of friends we’ve had to adjust to doing what we want to do, and when we want to do. We’ve rediscovered the joys of moping about town and having a coffee and croissant as our whim takes us, we’ve even had weekend breaks away without them.

But I can see where the stress of not having children around would take a toll on relationships, as much as having them when they are younger does. I can even understand why many marriages end in divorce at this stage of the relationship, if you don’t have other things that bind you together and you’re living your life vicariously though your children then it’s all of a sudden a screeching halt on the day.

We’re fortunate that we both have discussed this and we’ve both made a real effort to make an effort to do things together, we’ve seen this coming from afar, and I know that I talk to my colleagues and peers about what’s happening and the empty nest syndrome.

It’s liberating and refreshing of course, but it is hard work, and a lot of things we still need to do, and to rediscover. I’m sure there are many friends we’ve not met and many things left undone.

Now if only I can persuade my wife that I don’t need a hobby of any sort and that I’m perfectly happy doing what I’m doing. And of course this means doing stuff like taking more pictures, reading and doing what she expects, but I’m pretty good at that sometimes.

Oh and not getting another cat, that would be a bit of a win. I’m sure we don’t want to become crazy pet people who substitute dogs or cats for kids and tie themselves with a badge of courage for doing so, you know the type “I can’t because of the dog…”

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