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No Bain – No Gain – Joe Karam claimed a total of $272,822 in legal aid – now wants a share of David Bain’s compo

Beyond the HuttRiver – New Zealand today..: Joe Karam claimed a total of $272,822 in legal aid – now wants a share of David Bain’s compo…

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Karam Claimed 2045 hours over a 13 month period on the Bain Case

Information released by Legal Aid Services in relation to the 2009 retrial of David Bain: During the period up to and including the 2009 retrial Joe Karam claimed some $365,879 in legal aid. Of this $272,822 was in fees and $93,057 in disbursements (expenses such as accommodation, food and travel). From 22 May 2007 to 31 January 2008, Karam claimed 749 hours for which he was paid $75 per hour as an “unqualified legal executive” acting under the supervision of Michael Reed. From 1 February 2008 to 5 March 2009, Karam claimed about 2045 hours at $95 an hour. This amounts to around an average of 37.5 hours on a weekly basis, allowing for statutory holidaysbut no other time off, for a 13 month period. Karam claimed a further 235 hours for work during the retrial from 6 March 2009 to 5 June 2009. Summary:
749 hours @ $75 $56,175
2045.5 hours @ $95 $194,322
235 hours @ $95 $22,325
It has been suggested that any compensation awarded to David Bain would include payment for legal services to Joe karam. As you can see above, Joe karam was well-paid for his legal services – a total of $272,822 in legal aid
April 2012 Update:
Convicted killer Clayton Weatherston‘s legal aid bill has passed $440,000, with more invoices due

update : 28th April http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/6823376/Bains-legal-aid-bill-3-33m

The legal aid bill for David Bain’s retrial was $3.33m, the highest amount in legal history.

Convicted in 1995 of murdering his parents, Robin, 58, and Margaret, 50, his sisters Arawa, 19, and Laniet, 18, and his 14-year-old brother Stephen, Bain was acquitted at a 2009 retrial.

The Ministry of Justice told Radio New Zealand that the final figure for Bain’s defence was $3.33 million.

Of that amount, $2.33 million went towards the retrial costs and almost $1 million was paid for expenses in the retrial like research, investigators and forensics.

Lawyer’s fees throughout the High Court, Court of Appeal and retrial process amounted to $1.77 million of the total bill.

Bain’s lawyer, Michael Reed QC, told Radio NZ most of the costs of the retrial were to pay for overseas experts.

Bain is not receiving legal aid in his bid for compensation.

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