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I was at North Head – The guns and tunnels…

North Head Devonport, North Shore.  It seems to have undergone a slow transformation, and still seem in need of some TLC. But it’s fairly accessible and an easy hour of your time.

We’ve always taken a torch, there are a few nooks and crannies that need one, and a couple of passageways that having a torch helps with.

And the walk along the water was pleasant and in some measure was its own adventure.

Stories are told that there are 2 planes from the war buried inside, In the mid nineties the Army was called in to jack hammer and try to find these planes supposedly in the hill. Local residents were told possible ammunition still fully charged could go off at any time, but nothing was found after several weeks work. Many of the tunnels now days are blocked and the public can only go so far.

 Nothing like  a good conspiracy to keep it interesting.

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