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Contemplation on a middle aged life.

It’s not like I ever thought I would have some understated life, a bohemian devil may care existence.  But it gets to a point when all around you it’s gone a bit squiffy,

At the moment:

  1. Mother in Law was in hospital with suspected clotting, however it turns out that it was only bakers cyst. That and the osteoarthritis. Which for a golfer isn’t helpful.
  2. I have a close friend in hospital awaiting corrective surgery on a neck surgery that sort of didn’t go to plan.
  3. There is a close family friend who is undergoing surgery at the moment to remove some tumors he has.
  4. There is a close family friend who has the C thing.
  5. Mrs Pdubyah, well her manager not only has her father in hospital having suffered a stroke but she’s been told that he’s on a DNR notice. (Do Not Resuscitate), and if that wasn’t bad enough today her brother died of basically being an alcoholic.

It apparently it not enough having to had to go to three funerals in the last year, but right now, this week it just seems to be stacking up, like some weird cosmic bottle-neck. I get that as you get older that life catches up, but heck it’s not like I’m zimmer frame old, so just stop alright.

Bizarrely then with a frozen shoulder I’m possibly the fittest person I know. And that’s a scary thought in and of itself. (and it’s clearly not true). But somehow the circle of life appears to be on the homeward journey and I might have mentioned it before that I’m just a bit not ready.

So tonight a beer or two, and some quiet reflection is in order. As for this feeling of hopelessness and puzzlement, I’m hoping that this too shall pass.


2 comments on “Contemplation on a middle aged life.

  1. Sandra
    April 19, 2012

    I hear you on that. Two uncles and an aunt died in the last three months and they think my mom has the C word. This aging thing kinda sucks.


  2. Pdubyah
    April 19, 2012

    I know! It’d be nice if it dialed itself down a notch or two so we could catch a breath.


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