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Beer – #17 in a series – Oh wait it’s a Cider – Rekorderlig

Ok you got me, this is a Cider, but not like any other cider I ever had. It’s a Swedish thing, in a pint-sized bottle, but it’s only a ABV of 4% which is like a standard beer strength

This one: a Rekorderlig Strawberry & Lime Cider.

Made from the purest Swedish spring water and is bursting with deliciously ripe summer strawberry flavours.

And that’s bang on, it’s strawberry colored, strawberry smelling and is no effort to drink.

For a work night this should do me ok I think.

Top marks for this with a magnificent arbitrary 5 from 5 stars on the pdubyah-o-meter, it’s as it says on the label without any aftertaste or surprise.

Oh the mixed berry one, not so much, a bit confused is how I would describe it, and you know me I can describe good.

2 comments on “Beer – #17 in a series – Oh wait it’s a Cider – Rekorderlig

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