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Beer – #23 in a series – Steampunk Strong Ale

I have bottle 353 of the limited edition Steampunk Strong Ale. From the Nelson based Monkey Wizard Brewery.

A Belgian style ale with a fruity finish and subtle hoppy aroma

Strength: 7.3%  Size: 750ml  Champagne bottle

 This is a rich strong Belgian style ale with a fruity finish and subtle hoppy aroma. Availaible soon in 750ml Champagne bottles. Limited amounts of bottle conditioned ale can be purchased from the brewery wired and sealed with champagne corks

yes, I can hold a beer bottleWith a bit of trepidation since this is a “strong” ale,  and I’ve been known to be overly generous when I’m happy on fine beer.  I was a bit overawed by the 750ml size, but that really is only a couple of glasses, and 4 drinks to be fair.

On taste this was a little sour,  dark as expected, and reflective of the strong belgium beer tendency. It’s not unpleasing but it’s not drop dead gorgeous.  It sits ok in the glass, nothing special by way of head, aroma or colour

And that brings me to the pdubyah-o-meter and this is 6 from 10 arbitrary stars, it was expensive, playfully labelled and intriguing, however like all things harking to things past,  more romantic in the read than the deed.

Thanks Liquorland Forest Hill Road, always a treasure chest!


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