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Beer – #26 in a series – the weekend assortment.

A quick weekend break meant that it was bulk over substance time for beer drinking.

So A little bit of Speights Distinction, and provided by the Father-in-Law and some of the Boundry Road “Mumbo Jumbo” as provided by me.

It was such a nice weekend too, lots of fine weather and warm enough to sit outside for most of the daylight time in a t-shirt and shorts

and so what to make of these two commercial beers that were on the table for the weekend.

I’ve not tried either of these before, and I’m not including the various other beer that I may or may not have drunk on the weekend. It was that kind of weekend.

Speights Distinction: 330Ml 5% ABV. Quite unlike it’s brother the Old Dark, and pleasantly so.

SPEIGHT’S® Distinction Ale has a reddy brown colour and smooth malty bitterness unique to this premium Southern ale. It is batch-brewed with a hint of caramel, malt and butterscotch flavours.

Compelling enough to be of the 3 Speights Beers, Original, Old Dark and Distinction the one that I’d buy if I had to.

Boundary Road Brewery Mumbo Jumbo 330Ml 5.2% ABV

Back in the British Raj, elephant riding, tea-swilling settlers were in dire need of rescuing from the Indian sun. And so the India Pale Ale was born. Brewed with extra hops so it’d survive the voyage east, it was imbued with floral aromas, malty sweetness and a lingering dry finish. But enough of that Mumbo Jumbo. Stretch out on the verandah and enjoy

Yeah that. This is a beer that is thin, tinny and sharp on the tounge, it’s more an American pale ale than and IPA, it’s hard to know exactly what this is to be honest. Could have almost been a Pilsner, but wasn’t. It tries hard to be what it says it it, but it falls away quite quickly. It’s like they’re trying to run before they can slightly walk a bit. Shame really.

Not worth of even an arbitrary rating on the arbitrary pdubyah-o-meter for these, you get what you pay $15.00 or less a six pack of these, a constrained commercial offering. They’re fine but just don’t organize a party around them, you’ll lose friends.


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