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Beer – #29 – St. Peter’s Cream Stout

A gift this one. And never look a gift horse in the mouth. From the St. Peter’s Brewery Co Ltd in Bungay, Suffolk then the St.Peter’s Cream Stout.

A 500mls (pint) of  6.5% ABV beer, It’s very dark, he says, surprised, it’s noisy fizzy too. Smells like dark beer. If you drink dark beers you’ll know what I mean.

Not much by way of head on the pour.

But this is very very tasty. It’s very tasty.

And that I wasn’t expecting.

I think by the minimalist label that somehow I was expecting something a little less bold, and timid. Wrong! If anything this is a little sweet, and the head, what there was, has disappeared, leaving a flat looking beer. And it’s up the strong end of the beer scale in relative terms. I think this one could catch a few people by surprise.

St. Peter’s is an independent brewery founded in 1996 by John Murphy in former agricultural buildings adjacent to St. Peter’s Hall in Bungay, SuffolkEngland.  Top work Mr.Murphy,

Interesting and different, pleasing and yet not inciting. But for a gift beer FTW!!!

So on the arbitrary pdubyah-o-meter this would be 3.5 out of 5 arbitrary stars. Given the chance that this was ever available on tap I’d give it a a nudge.

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