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Beer – #33 – Stoke Bomber – Smoky Ale

I’ve had two people who’ve had the Stoke Bomber – Smoky Ale, and they have had totally different opinions on it.

It’s a 650ml bottle (big) of a 5.7% ABV beer, made in Nelson by the McCashin family.

It pours a deep golden color, and has a hoppy aroma which confused me as I was expecting bonfire smoke! Not a lot by way of head, I might be pouring it wrong, or it might be headless.

Oh and there’s the smoky taste, which is pretty subtle and not as shocking as I was expecting.  When I say subtle I don’t mean it’s not there, but again I was expecting bonfire burnt wood  / carbon footprint in a bottle. Don’t ask why.

The smoky taste doesn’t overpower the other tastes that this beer brings to the glass. I got bitterness like a pale ale, peppery and fizzy 🙂 It’s not unpleasant.

It’s defiantly more to my taste than say Yeastie Boys Rex Attitude – which they said couldn’t be done, and probably shouldn’t have, however that’s not a smoky beer but made with peat/whiskey flavor in mind.

I’m enjoying this though, not so much that I’d stock the fridge with it, but it is consistent on the tounge and is holding it’s flavors. I was worried that I had two of these, but I think I’ll manage it ok. It is however a “with food” beer and not a stand at the bar and quaff beer for my money, and it’s stand up to some robust counterpoint tastes.

The arbitrary pdubyah-o-meter for some arbitrary numbers from an arbitrary number then, and this has pleased me because it’s more palatable than I was expecting. So for that it’s a 4 from 5 arbitrary things from a thing.

oh the two opinions I mentioned at the top were at either end of the scale, one loved it the other couldn’t finish it. I’d say that the latter might have been because they were having a mini beer-fest in their lounge, and I’d pick that the Smoky Ale would clash with pretty much any other beer that you’d have had before.


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