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Beer – #38 – Epic – Hop Zombie

Epic Brewing Company, Brewed at Steam Brewing Company Auckland, New Zealand, in the Style of an Imperial/Double IPA

It’s pale, very very pale golden, and the hops are there in spades. The immediate aroma is full and present.

This is a sweet, bitter and slightly coarse palette balance. Citrusy, grassy and fresh even sweet, but you for sure know it’s hop-full

No head to speak of. and weirdly no lacing in the glass.

500mls (Pint) of 8.5% ABV beer and it’s having no problem making itself right at home in my belly.

Deserves something to accompany this, but it stands alone perfectly well, which is what you wouldn’t be if you decided to make a night of it, this could easily get you in trouble, or you could have the one and be grinning happily all evening knowing that you’ve had something a little special.

on the pdubyah-o-meter this is 9 arbitrary things out of 10 arbitrary things. It’s great, it doesn’t hold back and it’s as is on the label. It’ll surprise you if you arrive at it with an idea of what you’re getting, it’s hoppy but it says it is, but it is in a way that I found surprising.

Jolly nice.

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